Ross and Glenyce Greenwood ran the business until 2002, of which then Rex (Ross’s Son) and his wife Donna had taken over operations. During this time, RGE continued its growth at its highest capacity employing 16 Locals to carry out the day-to-day operations.

Rex needed a hand managing this workforce and brought on Jay Greenwood, his cousin, to assist. Fast forward to the present day, Ben and Jessica (Rex and Donna’s children) are running day-to-day operations as their predecessors begin to take some overdue holidays.

This tallies RGE at three Generations over its forty-three-year establishment

Company Culture at Ross Greenwood’s is something that we consider to be of high importance; we strive to ensure that not only our employees learn and are also continually challenged but also an environment that is easy to approach and engages the curiosity that comes with the line of work we do. We encourage an environment where our employees can enjoy coming to work.